Mountainview Camp

Mountainview Girl Guide Camp is located at 8055 Wycliffe Road, Wycliffe BC  located about 15 minutes from Cranbrook, B.C.

♦ 4 indoor toilet stalls, one shower.
♦ Washing machine/dryer
♦ Sleeping room (12 sets of bunk beds for 24 people) with separate leaders room, and large dining area with tables and chairs.
♦ Kitchen has 3 large, deep sinks. 2 drinking water taps. 2 fridges/freezers. Kitchen island. 2 stoves with suppression system fan. Dishwasher. Fully stocked with all utensils, plates, cups, pots and pans, etc.
Outdoor amenities:
♦ 4 camping areas with 3 double outhouses, lots of wooded area for camping if you choose!
♦ Fire pits at every site. One large “group” fire pit.
♦ Water tap
♦ Picnic tables.

2021 Fee’s coming soon

Contact to inquire about booking.