Tiger Lily Award

The Kootenay Area Tiger Lily award was established in loving memory of Eva Wrangler – the Tiger Lily representing her inner strength and her love of Guiding.

Eva Wrangler (1926-2003)

Eva Wrangler was an adult member of Guiding in Kootenay Area for more than 40 years. She was a Unit Leader, a Camp Adviser, a Trainer and Area Awards Chair. Over her years in Guiding, she touched many, many lives sharing her knowledge and love of nature, her belief in the Guiding Vision and, in her final position, rewarding other Guiders. She gave many girls and Guiders challenging and rewarding experiences.


Eva was honoured with Silver and Gold Merit Awards, as well as the Medal of Merit for her exceptional service to Girl Guides, and in 2003, West Kootenay Area presented her with an Honouring Life Membership, the highest award granted to members who work at the local level. Kootenay Area is very proud to have had Eva as one of our members. She embodied the spirit of Guiding and has enriched the lives of all those she has met. Wherever she has gone, Eva will always be a Girl Guide.


  1. Be or have been a registered member of Girl Guides of Canada, Kootenay Area at one of the following levels: Pathfinders, Rangers/Senior Branches of Adult.

  2. Expressed oneself as a role model to others in the Guiding movement, while showing enthusiastic participation in many Guiding events.

  3. Embody the Spirit of the Guiding Law.

  4. Continually give their best to Guiding.

  5. Exhibit the true spirit of Guiding.


  1. Each application will require a nomination form and three (3) supporting letters starting the reasons why the nominee should receive the award along with payment of $20.00.

  2. Complete the nomination form online and forward the letters of supporting complete with payment to the Area Awards Committee.

  3. All information about nominees is to be kept confidential.

Each application is to be assessed on its own merit.

Tiger Lily Award Nomination Form