I hear a lot of guiders saying that they just don’t know what to do for enrollment or don’t want to do the same thing. So I thought I would make a list of enrollment Ideas for those of you who want to freshen up your enrollment. These are just a few ideas !

Any branch can :

  • Have enrollment outside attach it to a camp or day camp
  • Have your girls plan enrollment
  • Invite your district or Area commissioner to do the pinning
  • Have a multi branch enrollment( Many hands make light work)
  • Use a instant meeting style enrollment (we are volunteers and you don’t always need to channel martha stewart and re-invent the wheel)
  • use what you have flags, toadstool, or have the girls make what you need
  • Have fun


Here’s a few pre-planed ideas for various branches

  • Sparks ( this is an easy enrollment to add a theme to, rainbows, camping ect, )
  • Brownie Forest enrollment ( do it outside and you need less props)
  • Harry potter enrollment would be great for guides
  • Pathfinders or Rangers would rock this Christmas enrollment


Have fun at your enrollment and remember your celebrating the girls joining and returning to guiding, and thats something to celebrate !


I do ……. do you ?

Do you participate in a cookie blitz or door to door sales ?

Do you take your unit hiking, geocaching or do outdoor science experiments ?

Do you attend remembrance day ceremonies with your unit ?

Do you bridge with other branches for meetings or events ?

Do you share you passion for guiding ?

If you don’t I must ask …. could you ?

Its a new guiding year and many of these things we do as part of regular programming but did you know that these things can help your girls complete challenges! May I present to you…. the One by One by One, Here we are, Welcome to my district membership challenges, These 3 challenges most units complete every year without trying or very minimal extra effort! Click below to check these out and if you chose to do them share with us what you did ! Be sure to check back for more fun ideas on keeping programming fresh, fun and exciting!

Welcome to my district

One by One by One

Here we are