Beaver Valley and Trail Brownie Adventures

Trip to Kelowna

I’m super excited to share with you the big brownie trip we planned for this year. Beaver Valley brownies and Trail Brownies are traveling to Kelowna to sleep over at hoof prints barn yard and petting zoo ! We plan to have an (appropriately) rip roaring camp fire & weenie roast and sleep in their new multi purpose building. Then we get to get up and help with farm chores and meet all kinds of farm friends! Next we whisk off the to mall for lunch, then were going on an exploration of mission creek park, and IHOP  for dinner. Then back on the bus home!

Other Exciting stuff

Trail Brownies had a Mad scientist night. The girls were invited to wear white dress shirts and goggles or safety glasses and be Mad scientists! We had some of our awesome parent volunteers help and ran 5 stations. Elephant toothpaste was super popular as the girls helped make an impressive chemical reaction. Glitter slime was a delightfully sticky mess ( although im pretty sure some of the parents were less than thrilled). The girls were challenged to float the M’s off of M & M’s with varying degrees of success. They made colorful salt tunnels in blocks of ice with 4 different types of salt. They teamed up and engineered their own pom pom race tracks! The night was a huge hit and all of the girls and adults had a blast and made a rather glorious mess !

Beaver Valley brownies had a great day at the Trail Gymnastics club and got to jump swing and tumble themselves silly. We had a few girls challenge themselves with the uneven bars and showed a level of tenacity and determination, that was quite impressive. They balanced their way across 3 beams, bounced across several trampolines and climbed their way to fun. Everyone brought a snack to share including birthday cupcakes with girl guide cookies inside !

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