Kootenay Area Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is for Kootenay Area members (girls to adults), to become actively engaged in their own community in ways that are meaningful to them. As well as to try new activities or projects that may not have been tried or thought of yet. Have fun with this challenge, try to take photos and remember to wear the Girl Guide uniform when out and about in your community! There are 3 parts to this challenge: Our Community, Our Environment and Our fellow Guiding Sisters. Each category lists ideas for activities and projects however if you have an idea that isn’t listed but falls into the category feel free to substitute your activity in, as long as it is branch appropriate and fits into the category theme.
◊ Sparks & Brownies: complete 5 activities (one from each category and 2 choice activities*)
◊ Guides & Pathfinders: complete 6 activities (one from each category and 3 choice activities*)
◊ Rangers & Adults: complete 7 activities (one from each category and 4 choice activities*)
*Choice activities can be chosen from any category
Our Community
– Visit a seniors home (tea, carolling, valentines, decorate for the holidays)
– Plant flowers in your community
– Make something to donate to your local SPCA or Animal Rescue (dog/cat toys, beds etc)
– Volunteer at a community event
– Grow a row in your community garden for your local food bank]
– Make hygiene kits for a women’s’ shelter
– Partake in a community ceremony (ie. Remembrance Day)
– Put up posters to promote Guiding in your local library, community centre etc. (some
places do require permission)
– Write thank-cards to local groups, business, etc. that may support your unit (ex. The
owner of your meeting place) or a neighbouring one
– Be a tourist in your town, or a neighbouring one. Visit historical sites, or interpretive centres
– Another activity/project that falls into the theme of “Our Community”
Our Environment
– Help weed at a community garden ,your local meeting place, or other gardens in your
– Clean up litter in your community- local meeting place area, a local school, etc. (be sure to use proper glove protection and disposal of the litter collected) This could coincide with “Pitch-In” or shoreline clean up
– Plant plants, flowers, trees etc. in your community (be sure to ask permission first)
– Partake in a local invasive weed pulling program (check out: http://www.ckipc.ca/ or
– Build bird or bat houses
– What makes the Kootenays special? Write a poem or essay, make a collage, or a photo series
– Kootenay Area Girl Guide Camp Clean up (weeding/gardening, painting, brush clean up, trail clearing, etc.)
– Apply for a GGC – TD Friends of the Environment Program (tree planting grant) and carry out your project
– Do a nature scavenger hunt, using cameras to take pictures of the items
– Take part in a Bear Aware program; or ask a speaker to come talk to your unit
– Another activity/project that falls into the theme of “Our Environment”
Our Fellow Guiding Sisters
– Plan an activity with another unit in your district
– Plan an activity or camp with a unit from another part of Kootenay Area
– Collect funds for WAGGGS (please send to the Kootenay Area treasure) or CWFF
– Write an article for the newspaper or pipeline about Guiding and what your unit does
– Write thank-you cards to fellow Guiding sisters that may have helped you or inspired you in some way; you can give them the card or mail it!
– Exchange postcards with a unit from our area
– Celebrate Thinking Day with another unit, community or district
– Have a tea party with your local Trefoil Guild
– Connect with a unit from another area; exchange a craft idea, crests, etc.
– Another activity/project that falls into the theme of “Our Fellow Guiding Sisters”