Adventures in the wild [Costa Rica 2019] – Trip Report by Keegan Hayton

Adventures in the wild-Costa Rica 2019
Trip Report Keegan Hayton  

This summer I went 7,244 km away from my hometown (Trail BC), on a spectacular adventure to Costa Rica. I was away from home for 16 days and 12 of those days where spent right in Costa Rica. I hopped on a 45 minute plane ride alone, to meet the group I was travelling with for the first time. I was quite nervous, but once I arrived in Vancouver I made quick friends and the leaders were super nice and welcoming. While we were waiting for our plane to Toronto, the group and I became very close, very quickly.

I loved everything about the trip from the bus rides, to hiking, to the Bri Bri village, but there were a few things that really stood out for me. Zip-lining I absolutely loved zip-lining. I’ve always been one of those people whose up for new adventures. At first it was a little nerve wrecking, but once I was over the first line it was unbelievable. The Turtle Sanctuary, let me start off by saying, never in my entire life did I think I was going to hold a baby leather-back turtle! This place was incredible! I got to end off my trip in the best way possible, at a turtle rescue centre right on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Although we never saw a female or male full grown turtle, we still got to see and hold the babies. We released over 50 turtle babies into the ocean during the two days I was there. Lastly, snorkelling, I have never been snorkelling before and I went for the first time in Costa Rica! It was incredible. This was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. While I was in the water I saw thousands of fish, a Jellyfish, a little Shark and a Barracuda. The water was also crystal clear it was so magical. Although I got lots of salt water in my mouth… it was totally worth it!

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