Sparwood Gets Crafty

WhaThe Sparwood Guides and pathfinders have been busy having lots of fun!  We have been busy plugging away at various things!

The Pathfinders have been working on leadership and planning skills and we are currently trying to nail down a date to get their first aid course completed!

The guides have been learning like crazy!  We have been outside hiking and learning about all the wonderful things in nature, we have been completing science, chemistry, physics and hiking badges! They are now working to complete their endangered species, life skills, plants and animals and beyond you!

Attached you can see some photos of our science camp, tools nights and craft night!

BC to Peru 2016


This is an opportunity to visit BC’s current Twinning country, Peru! Experience this land of spectacular scenery, llamas, panpipes, the traditional lands of the Incas, the highest navigable lake in the world, and the place where potatoes were first cultivated.

You will have an opportunity to celebrate Peru’s Independence Day, visit Macchu Picchu, and spend time with our Peruvian Twinning partners!

Fact Sheet Peru 2016