The Amazing Race

Travel the world monument concept

Would you like to participate in an Amazing Race competition while you explore the multicultural diversity of Southwestern BC? The race will have several legs. Your team will receive clues for your destination and challenges that you will need to complete as you make your way to the Pit stops. We will not be eliminating teams and our prizes won’t be worth thousands of dollars but the game will include destinations, road blocks, fast forwards, U-turns and other obstacles just like the real race. Your team will be traveling by boat, train, car, bus or on foot as your travel throughout Southwestern B.C. This race will have an International flavour so that you may even feel like you are no longer in Canada! Each team will be accompanied by a Guider who will be your “camera crew”. You may be staying in hotels, hostels, tents or even Girl Guide camps. Be prepared for an amazing experience!

Fact Sheet – Amazing Race 2016

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